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Wedding dresses, wedding rings, wedding cakes, bridesmaids, etc, etc, They're not something that you come into contact with every other day. No, you'll only see them on that special day, when someone is getting married. Everything about that day should be special for the bride, that includes what happens on the day and the memories of it afterwards as viewed through photos & videos, etc. Well, if your big day is fast approaching, you've most likely got plenty of people worrying about your dress, your rings, your flowers, etc. Is anybody thinking of your nails? Are they that important on your big day?

Remember that your nails are going to be on show for the whole day, inches away from your wedding ring which, I hasten to add will possibly be viewed by hundreds of family, friends & guests. As mentioned earlier, those same nails are going to be captured for eternity through wedding photos & family videos of the big day. Are your nails that important? I would say so. It's time to start thinking nails, well before the wedding day arrives.If you have any questions about hand and nail care that aren't answered on this page feel free to and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Bridal Nails

wedding nails gallery Please take note that Nail extensions (enhancements) take a while to get used to. It is advisable to have the nails applied two weeks prior to the date, this will give you a chance to get used to them. Book your re-balance for a day or two before the wedding day, this will ensure that they are at their best. Nail art can be applied the day before too. The bridesmaids’ nails should compliment yours not overpower them, keep their nail art simple. Don’t forget the groom’s nails. They will be on show too. If you intend to have natural nails for your wedding, manicures should ideally be performed weekly from 4-8 weeks prior to the day.

If you are going away after the wedding and already wear nail extensions have them looked at and re-balanced if necessary. Salty sea water is not good for nails that have slight growth as it can seep under the acrylic if it is not taken right to the cuticle. Book a pedicure if you have a summer wedding or are going somewhere hot for your honeymoon. Your feet will also be on show to everyone, especially in sandals or barefoot on the beach. Acrylic wraps on the toe nails will ensure your nail polish lasts for the whole of the honeymoon with no chipping. Toe and finger nails can compliment each other with matching nail art.

Wedding Nails Gallery

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